Meta enters the Chatbot market

It comes as no surprise that Meta has now officially entered the chatbot competitive landscape. In September, Meta announced the release of their own assistant, Meta AI which it has integrated most of its services including Facebook and Instagram. Over the past few days, Meta has also begun rolling out Meta AI for WhatsApp in …

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Meta’s New Quest 3 is Here

Meta’s new Quest 3 has landed and it’s currently available for pre-order. It’s set to release on the 10th of October for $499, $200 more than the Quest 2, but is it worth the substantial price increase? The most significant upgrade in the Quest 3 is its new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU by Qualcomm. This …

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Meta acquires Audio Analytic

Meta continues to gobble up interesting tech companies, to help shore up its vison for the metaverse. The latest acquisition of interest to SAR Insight, is Audio Analytic.   Audio Analytic has been at the forefront of the sound detection and recognition technology market, providing tools that enable devices to react to sounds such as glass …

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Meta acquires Lofelt

Lofelt announced on its website “Lofelt is now embarking on a new adventure, and we will sunset our products on July 7th, 2022”, this was a bit cryptic and left us wondering what is happening here. WSJ announced that Meta has acquired Lofelt, for an undisclosed sum. Now, did Meta purchase Lofelt after it had …

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Meta to open first brick and mortar store

Meta has officially announced the Meta Store, a brick and mortar location for consumers to test our their most recent hardware. The announcement seems to be coupled with Meta’s push for its vision of the future of the MetaVerse. Similar to the Apple Store, consumers will be able to test the latest AR/VR technology that …

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