Qualcomm Open to Working With PlayStation on Handheld System

Image Source: PC Magazine

​​While this news story isn’t very enlightening it does lead to some more interesting thoughts on the handheld gaming market. The announcement of Sony’s Project Q, which is a handheld device “for playing games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi”.

Project Q is Sony’s answer to compete in the growing handheld gaming market, dominated today by Nintendo (Switch), with a host of Windows based devices and a growing number of Android based devices (which are essentially tablets with controllers attached).

Will Microsoft/Xbox also bring out a handheld device? It’s quite likely, but this would then compete with other devices that are able to play PC games. Of course, Qualcomm are interested in this market and they already have design wins in Android based devices. Windows based devices are dominated by AMD, with Intel having a few design wins.

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