Tesla Will Open Its Charging Network to G.M.’s Electric Vehicles

Image Source: Pexels

​Following the recent announcement that Ford will adopt Tesla’s NACS charging connector in North America, General Motors (GM) has also announced this week that it will follow suit, integrating the connector into its electric vehicles starting in 2025. This will open up access to Tesla’s 12,000 superchargers located throughout North America.

Despite the agreements between GM, Ford and Tesla, the White House on Friday reportedly reiterated its February announcement that EV chargers must be universal and include CCS connections if they want to receive federal funding. A $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed in November 2021 set aside $7.5 billion to create 500,000 public EV chargers across the US by 2030.

SAR believes this statement by the White House will have little impact on EV charging station manufacturers also adopting the NACS connector unless stricter mandates are put in place. Many EV charging stations globally already have multiple charging connectors in order to remain universal between AC charging options and DC fast charging via CCS or CHAdeMO protocols. The addition of a NACS connector would allow manufacturers to remain universal in their design until the market decides which connector is going to dominate long-term.

SAR forecasts the global EV charging station rollout across 50+ countries by connector type and charging technology in its EV Charging Service.

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