Osprey Charging opens ultra-rapid charging hub on A127 near M25 in Essex.

Image Source: Osprey

Osprey Charging, one of the UK’s largest EV charging networks, announced this week the opening of its latest ultra-rapid charging hub, in Essex UK. The hub contains six high-powered EV chargers capable of power delivery up to 180kW each. The chargers and site also utilise dynamic load balancing which optimise the amount of power available to each vehicle when multiple vehicles are charging simultaneously.

SAR believes that the rollout of dedicated EV charging hubs plays a critical role in future EV charging infrastructure for several reasons:

  • They allow for efficient use of resources by consolidating multiple charging stations in a single location, reducing the need for scattered charging points and simplifying the charging process for EV owners.
  • These hubs can potentially accommodate a larger number of charging points, enabling faster charging and reducing waiting times, which is crucial as the number of EVs on the road continues to grow.
  • Dedicated hubs tend to incorporate advanced technologies such as high-power chargers, battery storage, and smart grid integration, offering enhanced charging capabilities and grid stability.

The UK now has more than 300 locations with 4 or more high-speed EV charging points, more than 100 of these were installed in 2022. SAR tracks and forecasts the EV charging station infrastructure in more than 50 countries globally in its EV Charging Service.

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