Energous Elevates IoT Wireless Power Networks to a Higher Level of Performance with New 2W PowerBridge

Image Source: Energous

Energous Corporation (Energous) has announced the launch of a new 2-Watt transmitter for its PowerBridge wireless power solution. PowerBridge is an Over The Air (OTA) RF-based wireless power system that can deliver energy at range. This new system is intended to address the growing requirements of IoT ecosystems across supply chain, logistics, retail, industrial and agricultural applications which currently rely on mains power and batteries. Introducing an OTA wireless power system such as Energous’ PowerBridge (or those from other companies such as Ossia, PowerCast, and Guru) should make mass deployment of sensors easier than a wired system that requires the installation of physical power cables and cheaper than batteries that require replacement.

The 2-Watt transmitter will help Energous to meet the requirements of more power-hungry IoT systems. This new solution will add to Energous’ current catalogue of 1 Watt and 5.5 Watt Systems along with a reported 15 Watt version that was approved by the FCC last year. This is another step along the path toward mass adoption of RF wireless power systems. The addition of a 2-Watt system rather than reaching for ever higher powers shows that Energous are doubling down on IoT systems, a market well suited for OTA wireless power transfer thanks to the benefits it offers at very low power levels. The Wireless Power and Charging Technologies service from SAR Insight and Consulting breaks out the most important sectors for OTA wireless power alongside other prominent wireless power and charging technologies.

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