New boat Nirvana Eutopia headphones enabled by Ceva

Image Source: boAt

It seems that the strategic partnership announced by IP vendor Ceva and Headphone brand boAt back at CES 2024 is coming to fruition with boAt’s latest Nirvana Eutopia headphones entering the markets. These headphones boast a lot of interesting technology including:

  • 3D Spatial audio with headtracking
  • ENx™ for improved conversions
  • BEASTTM mode enabling low latency audio streaming
  • Up to 20 hours battery life (off one charge) and ASAP fast charge

The partnership announcement states that “Nirvana Eutopia Spatial Audio headphones, feature CEVA’s Bluetooth, Audio AI DSP, and its RealSpace® spatial audio software solution”.  The IP is embedded on the BT Audio DSP (vendor not yet known). The system relies on a 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope to enable headtracking.

ENx™ is a version of environmental noise cancelation (ENC), enabled on the Nirvana Eutopia headphones using 2 microphones per ear. ENC helps to make more clear voice conversations by cancelling out background noise.

BEASTTM mode enables low latency audio streaming and is particularly focused on improving the gaming experience when using Bluetooth.

The headset gives up to 20 hours of use in standard mode and 15 hours with head tracking special audio.

The Nirvana Eutopia headphones are an impressive addition to boAt’s line up and help to cement it as a major headphone vendor, moving it up the value chain. They are currently selling on the boAt website for te equivalent of about $50, which is very price competitive.

DATAportal’s latest data shows that BoAt has been rapidly climbing the headphone market leaderboard, rising to be a top 5 global supplier in 2023, from top 30 in 2019. A dominant player in its home country of India, boAt is increasing market share in other parts of the world. A quick look at the boAT website shows a plethora of headphones and other products such as party speakers, power banks and chargers.

The product listing is here.



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