Qualcomm Introduces Two Next Generation Sound Platforms – S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3.

Image Source: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced upgrades to some of its sound platform chips, with the S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3. Here we look at the major changes made.  

The S3 is aimed at mid-tier audio devices. Looking at the specs for gen 2 and gen 3 the major upgrades on the previous generation include: 

  • 2 x compute power 
  • An additional Kalimba DSP (2 instead of 1) 
  • Improved DAC delivering better SNR and a reduced noise floor 
  • Connectivity to external SRAM or 2nd Flash Device 
  • Addition of stereo audio playback interface 
  • Availability in VFBGA package (WLCSP too).  

The S3 also gives customers access to 3rd party solutions from the Qualcomm Voice & Music Extension Program. There are more details on the S3 here

The S5 is aimed at higher end devices and has seen a much more major overhaul. Some of the major upgrades include:  

  • 3x increase in compute power 
  • 2x increase in DSP power (Move from Qualcomm Kalimba to Tensilica HiFi DSP) 
  • 50x more on-device AI (Dedicated AI core) 
  • 1.5x more memory (RAM) 
  • Addition of “4th Generation Qualcomm ANC” 
  • Improved DAC delivering better SNR and a reduced noise floor 

The move to using the Tensilica HiFi DSP has significantly improved the performance of the latest S5 chip. Qualcomm states on the S5, Gen 3 product page that the DSP clock speed is now 350 MHz, up from 240 MHz in the S5, Gen 2. This, alongside a new CPU delivering a clock speed of 200 MHz, up from 80MHz, and dedicated NPU, has delivered a much more powerful platform for premium devices.  

The press release also included an announcement by Vivo that it would “soon introduce the world’s first device powered by Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 Sound Platform”. Based on this we expect that the latest Vivo true wireless earbuds will have the new platform. DATAportl shows that Vivo is a top 15 vendor of True Wireless Stereo Earbuds (dataportl.com)

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