Gocycle launches cargo bike that folds, is electric, and weighs just 23kg

Image Source: Cycle Exchange

Gocycle, founded by former McLaren Cars Limited design engineer Richard Thorpe in 2002, is on a mission to create the world\’s best urban electric bikes. Renowned for its no-compromises approach, stylish designs, and pioneering spirit, Gocycle has become a global leader in the electric bike market, with each model building on the foundations laid by the Gocycle G1.

Gocycle is now making strides into the electric cargo bike market with its latest offering, the Gocycle Family Cargo e-bike. Echoing the design elements of its folding counterparts, the cargo e-bike extends the wheelbase to accommodate cargo, kids, or other items. The 375Wh internal battery provides an impressive 50-mile range, and the bike retains Gocycle’s fast fold feature, addressing the storage challenges often associated with cargo bikes. Weighing approximately 23kg, the Family Cargo bike is notably light for an electric cargo bike, offering enhanced manoeuvrability.

The cargo bike’s rear rack is compatible with MIK HD accessories, providing versatility for various cargo-carrying options, from child seats to panniers. Gocycle introduces two spec levels: CXi and CX+, with the latter incorporating the innovative Flofit handlebar, designed for rapid angle adjustments and enhanced rider ergonomics. The Flofit handlebar also includes LED running lights and status indicators.

Gocycle’s Family Cargo e-bike is available in six color combinations and is set to be produced in limited quantities, with the first deliveries expected from September 2024. The company anticipates further expansion into diverse bike segments beyond folding and electric models, marking a strategic evolution in its product range. With prices starting from $6,999 for the CXi and $7,999 for the CX+. Founder Richard Thorpe envisions this release as a precursor to Gocycle’s future expansion into non-folding and non-electric bike segments.

With the adoption of e-Bikes on the rise in general, this is going to be a premium addition to the market. A foldable cargo bike that can be easily transported by both public transport and private vehicles as well as being easy to store in secure areas such as offices and smaller urban living spaces, while still offering electric assistance, make the Gocycle Family Cargo e-bike ideal for both those who live in cities and commuters. Being able to store the bike safely inside will serve as a valuable security measure, reducing the risk of theft for a premium bike priced at nearly $7000.

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