Apple Vision Pro

Image Source: Apple

​As expected, Apple has just announced their first entry into the Extended Reality market. The Apple Vision Pro. Set to release in early 2024 and selling at a base price of $3,499, the new device will spark new life into the mixed reality market.

Currently, the only large-scale device that uses mixed reality (a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality) is the Google Hololens which a few years ago was limited to Enterprise sales. As a side note, while many were shocked to hear about the price of the Vision Pro, the HoloLens’ sits at the same price point.

While SAR still believes that the extended reality market to be relatively small, this release will be sure to skyrocket sales and promote the adoption and development of more XR devices across the consumer market. As with all releases from Apple, while the price is high, we still expect rapid adoption over the next couple of years.

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