WiTricity Partner with ABT e-Line to Bring Wireless EV Charging to Europe

ABT e-Line is a subsidiary of the ABT group that specialises in electric vehicles, including producing electric versions of VW’s commercial vehicles as well as conversion kits for existing vehicles. ABT e-Line have partnered with WiTricity one of the market leaders in the wireless charging of electric vehicles to introduce wireless EV charging to Europe. This programme will start with the introduction of an aftermarket wireless charging upgrade for the VW ID.4 as early as 2024. This will then be supplemented by upgrades for cars from VW, Audi, and Porsche.

While this bodes well for the adoption of wireless charging into EV’s, it is important to note that unlike the wireless charging offered by Genesis (also from WiTricity) these upgrades will be aftermarket additions and not factory-fitted which may hinder adoption. If these upgrades prove popular it is likely that members of the VW group will begin to adopt them as a factory-fitted option on some models, however, the popularity will be likely to hinge on the price as much as anything else. Making the switch to an EV is already expensive and adding these kinds of quality-of-life upgrades may be outside of the budget of most consumers, especially when the cost of the charger is considered. SAR insight and consulting cover all major applications of wireless charging including electric vehicles as a part of its Wireless Power and Charging Technologies service.

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