USB-C standardization may be coming into India

Image Source: Android Authority

Several mobile device makers as well as associations representing technology companies in India have announced that they will be making USB Type-C the standard charging port for electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A timeline for the transition has not been given, but it is not expected to come into effect until after the European Union make the change. 

While many manufacturers are already likely to switch to only using USB Type-C in their designs due to the EU mandate taking effect in 2024 (2026 for laptops), there is still a question of region-specific designs being implemented. If India, one of the world’s largest smartphone markets, follows the EU into making USB Type-C the standard on all devices it will make region specific-designs far less viable, and we are likely to see other connector types phased out of large volume markets entirely. SAR Insight & Consulting forecast the different types of charging connectors used in electronic end-devices in its USB Power IC analysis, a part of the wider USB Power & Charging service. 

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