Nitecore camera batteries adopt USB Type-C charging

Image Source: Nitecore

The adoption of USB Type-C has unified charging across many devices including mobile phones, laptop PCs, wireless audio and portable battery packs. A common connector has not only allowed for waste reduction from redundant power adapters but also in many cases standardisation around fast charging using protocols such as USB power delivery (PD). 

There are many applications, however, which opt to retain a proprietary connector for charging, sometimes due to safety or intellectual property, but often simply due to the cost of changing an existing design. Shifting the charging operation directly to the removeable battery in applications such as digital cameras makes sense and allows for this transition to a unified connector, along with the potential to remove additional redundant adapters where a consumer can repurpose an existing one.  

A similar transition to direct charging removeable batteries was announced earlier this year in power tool applications by DeWalt and Ryobi. SAR Insights predicts a similar move in other applications over the next five years including light electric vehicles (LEV) and portable vacuums. SAR’s USB Power & Charging Service quantifies and forecasts the opportunity for USB Type-C and USB PD Controller ICs in more than 40 end devices. 

You can see the product listing here.

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