Infineon files patent infringement lawsuit against Innoscience, Innoscience denounces accusations

On March 14th, Infineon Technologies announced it had filed a lawsuit against Innoscience seeking a permanent injunction for infringement of a US patent relating to gallium nitride (GaN) technology owned by Infineon. The patent claims cover core aspects of GaN power semiconductors encompassing innovations that enable the reliability and performance of Infineon’s proprietary GaN devices. The lawsuit was filed in the district court of the Northern District of California.

Infineon alleges that Innoscience infringes the Infineon patent mentioned above by making, using, selling, offering to sell and/or importing into the United States various products, including GaN transistors for numerous applications, within automotive, data centers, solar, motor drives, consumer electronics, and related products used in automotive, industrial, and commercial applications.

Adam White, president of  Infineon’s Power & Sensor Systems Division commented, “The production of gallium nitride power transistors requires completely new semiconductor designs and processes”. “With nearly two decades of GaN experience, Infineon can guarantee the outstanding quality required for the highest performance in the respective end products. We vigorously protect our intellectual property and thus act in the interest of all customers and end users.”

Infineon claims it has been investing in R&D, product development, and manufacturing expertise related to GaN technology for decades. Its $830m acquisition of GaN Systems was completed in October 2023 and reportedly increased its number of in-house GaN experts to 450 and GaN patent families to 350. The acquisition added to its existing CoolGaN range of devices and strengthened its GaN IP.

On 21st March Innoscience issued a response firmly denouncing the accusations made by Infineon, highlighting that it will vigorously defend itself and is confident that it will prevail. It also claims that the lawsuit only concerns a small fraction of Innoscience’s packaged high-voltage (650V-700V) GaN transistors and does not affect the vast majority of its other products (including unpackaged transistors and wafers, low-voltage transistors, and certain packaged transistors). Therefore, the lawsuit should have little to no effect on Innoscience’s current ability to make, use, sell, offer to sell, or import into the US.

Innoscience has filed more than 800 patent applications globally and has an R&D team containing over 500 technical experts.

It’s unclear as to what the outcome of this lawsuit will bring, for now, it appears the impact on ongoing business in the US will be minimal. DATAportl tracks the market for end devices that utilize GaN technology and sister company SAR Insight & Consulting sizes and forecasts the market for GaN FETs and ICs in several key power conversion markets. Get in touch to discuss GaN market trends in more detail.

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