Google Backed Gravity Mobility Opens Fastest Pubic EV Charger in the US

Image Source: Gravity

Gravity Mobility, a Google-backed EV infrastructure startup, has unveiled the fastest charging solution in the United States, now accessible to the public. Targeting major fleet operators, the company offers 24 of its 500 kW chargers in New York, capable of charging at an impressive rate of 2,400 miles of range per hour or 200 miles in just five minutes. Positioned in Midtown Manhattan, this marks the launch of a network set to expand nationally, Gravity Mobility has expressed that it has the capability to manufacture and deploy thousands of chargers annually. CEO Moshe Cohen aims to grow the network at a pace similar to or exceeding the expansion of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

In contrast to the bulkier charging stations deployed by competitors, Gravity’s chargers are conveniently sized, resembling carry-on suitcases making them easy to install in small spaces as well as fitting more of the chargers into smaller spaces. Currently, the prevailing 350 kW charging speed cap for most electric cars means that very few models will come even close to using the full potential of Gravity Mobility’s charger, although this cap is likely to increase in the future allowing more drivers to take advantage of this high charging power. Gravity Mobility is strategically positioned for the future, anticipating the arrival of models capable of leveraging even faster chargers. The company’s ambitions extend beyond its current offering, as it plans to raise additional funds in the coming year to facilitate the nationwide expansion of its high-speed charger network. This announcement comes at a time when the electric vehicle industry is witnessing heightened competition and innovation, with both ChargePoint and Tesla introducing products capable of charging at speeds surpassing current standards, setting the stage for a dynamic and rapidly evolving market.

Gravity’s chargers are an impressive step forward, the biggest point is the charging time, with a range of 200 miles reportedly being achievable in just five minutes. With range anxiety and charging times still being one of the biggest concerns for potential EV drivers, a charging time of five minutes would be an excellent boost as this seems comparable to refuelling times for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. However, refuelling an ICE car in this time will often give more range and, as previously mentioned, very few EVs are currently able to charge at the maximum power available from these chargers. The upshot of this is that Gravity Mobility is giving us a look at the near future of public EV chargers, with high power in a relatively small form factor. While the initial rollout is in a city centre, these chargers will also be at home in service stations where they can offer quick charging times for drivers on longer journeys.

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