LG Unveils Advanced and Customizable Home Solutions at KBIS 2024

Image Source: LG

This week LG Electronics showcased its fully integrated home experience at the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. The underlying theme was energy efficiency and sustainability with a strong focus on home electrification. Demonstrations of LG’s vision for the ‘Zero Labor Home’ via connected appliances, robotics and AI was also on show.

Expanded Signature Kitchen Suite Lineup with New Transitional Series Built-in Kitchen Package

Upon entering LG’s exhibit, visitors were greeted by the Signature Kitchen Suite zone, showcasing the latest premium built-in kitchen appliances. The featured appliances from the Transitional Series encompass a wine column fridge, under-counter wine cellar, under-counter drawer fridge, 30-inch fridge, dishwasher, 36-inch insert hood, induction oven, and wall oven.

Customized, Energy-efficient Smart Home Solutions

In the Sustainable Home Solution Zone, LG showcased its comprehensive home energy solution, which includes the LG Energy Storage System (ESS). Ready to help U.S. customers take advantage of upcoming energy efficiency rebate programs, its solution offers user-friendly energy management encompassing production, storage, usage and conservation.

The ESS is easily integrated not only with LG’s air-to-water heat pump and inverter water heater, but also with the company’s home appliances featuring the acclaimed Inverter Heat Pump. Powered by LG’s exclusive core components and motors, the laundry solutions from LG WashCombo with Inverter HeatPump™ and a dryer with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ save time while using less energy than a vented model, helping to achieve home electrification.

Smart Home Solution for a Zero Labor Home

Showcasing LG’s ‘Zero Labor Home’ vision, the Zero Labor Home zone revolved around LG’s ThinQ UP 2.0-compatible appliances, featuring the LG AI Appliance Chipset and a dedicated operating system, along with the ground breaking LG Smart Home AI Agent. Visitors could explore the unique capabilities of the Smart Home AI Agent and ThinQ™ through various real-life scenarios involving LG’s home appliances. In a concise video centred on dinner preparation, the Smart Home AI Agent seamlessly interacts with the InstaView fridge and wall oven equipped with a built-in high-definition camera, checking available ingredients, suggesting menus, and providing cooking instructions.

Unveiled at this year’s CES, LG’s Smart Home AI Agent incorporates cutting-edge robotic and multi-modal technologies, enabling it to move, learn, and comprehend, ultimately alleviating people from the burdens of household chores. Thanks to LG’s collaboration with Microsoft Azure Open AI, the Smart Home AI Agent can engage in more intricate conversations with users.

DATAportl recently covered Samsung’s latest AI capable kitchen appliances that is showcased at CES. These included its AI Family Hub integrated into is 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator along with its Vision AI that can recognise potential meals that can be made with the ingredients in your fridge.

Whilst LG has a similar capability via its Smart Home AI Agent and InstaView fridge, it appears to go further than simply offering consumer convenience via intelligent kitchen appliances and guided cooking. Its home energy solutions with ESS complete the smart home offering and show its commitment to enabling the electrification transition. Overlaying AI solutions across home energy production, storage, heating and appliances with seamless smart connectivity begins to bring to life the vision of smart home the industry has been presenting for many years.

DATAportl forecasts strong growth for smart enabled appliances over the next 5 years. AI enabled ecosystems that include power generation, storage and control coupled with home automation are likely to accelerate this if they deliver on the showcased vision. We look forward to experiencing ‘Zero Labor’ in our own homes!

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