Sony’s PlayStation 6 Rumours

Image Source: Sony

It has been over 3 years since the release of the PS5 and whilst Sony’s new console won’t be announced for a good while, we’re already seeing rumours regarding the specifications.

A popular YouTuber, who goes by Moore’s Law Is Dead, recently posted a video claiming that Sony will further its partnership with AMD to power both the new PS5 Pro and PlayStation 6. The new SoC will supposedly handle 8k gaming at 60fps and 4k gaming at 120fps, a huge step up from the original PS5, which was only capable of gaming up to a 4k resolution.

Another well-known YouTuber, RedGamingTech, also supports this rumour. He claims that Sony is only considering AMD to power its next generation of gaming consoles, instead of other possible vendors like Nvidia or even Intel. Furthermore, before the release of the PS5 back in 2020, RedGamingTech said that Sony considered using other suppliers for the console, but ultimately decided to use AMD due to easier backwards compatibility support and an already established solutions team.

It’s also worth noting that the previous generation PlayStation 4 was powered by the AMD Jaguar chip and the latest generation PS5 was powered by the AMD Zen 2 chip, which further solidifies the likelihood of Sony continuing its partnership.

The release date of the PlayStation 6 has not yet been confirmed. However, thanks to documents that were released during the Microsoft vs FTC court case, in which Microsoft is attempting to purchase Activision (the publisher of games like Call of Duty and Overwatch), we know that Sony doesn’t plan on releasing its next console until 2027 at the earliest. As for the PlayStation 5 Pro, most speculations indicate that it will be announced later this year and available to order late 2024 into early 2025.

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