Tineco Launches Countertop Smart Oven – Oveni One

Image Source: Tineco

Tineco showcased a suite of new innovative smart cleaning and cooking solutions at this year’s CES in LAS Vegas. Launching its debut in smart cooking/kitchen appliances, the Oveni One is a new intelligent countertop smart oven that combines cooking modes such as steaming, baking, and air-frying with guided cooking.

According to Todd Manegold, General Manager of Tineco North America, the innovation is reportedly a direct result of consumer feedback. He stated, “This year, we diligently listened to consumer requests and feedback and explored new systems and technologies to design cutting-edge home cleaning and kitchen solutions that simplify household activities and elevate daily life. We’re excited to be back at CES for 2024 to present our latest innovations and celebrate the evolution of Tineco’s intelligent appliances across home categories.”

The app-integrated smart countertop oven with an onboard touchscreen will offer hundreds of built-in recipes and multiple cooking functions. Every dish is crafted by a professional chef, and the cooking process is broken down by digital engineers into small steps, which users can follow to cook dishes as delicious as those cooked by professionals.

Other complementary features of the Oveni One, which will be available towards the end of 2024, include defrosting and fermentation, high-temperature self-cleaning, and disinfection modes.

It’s unclear yet as to the price of the Oveni One, but it’s likely it will be competing with similar products with integrated platforms from established Thermomix and, to some extent Suvie, although that uses a ready-prepared meal model. Guided cooking apps such as Fresco which interface to appliances from third-party brands including Electrolux, GE Appliances and Instant Brands or proprietary apps from those such as Cookidoo® (thermomix’s recipe platform) may also compete with Tineco’s solution. They could, of course, also complement it in the future if partnerships are formed.

The concept of enhancing the cooking experience, enabling healthy meals to be cooked from scratch by anyone following the guided process, reducing complexity, and shortening cooking times is sure to be welcomed by consumers. DATAportl sizes, forecasts and provides advisory on the markets for small and large cooking appliances and tracks the latest innovations in this sector. As we progress through 2024 and beyond, further innovation in kitchen appliance design and functionality is expected, reflected in another launch at CES by Revolution Cooking which announced its new Macrowave Oven that combines traditional microwave and toasting technology,

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