Master & Dynamics mind reading headphones

Image Source: Master & Dynamic

As expected CES 2024 brought many new consumer electronic devices with it, in the wearable industry few are as ambitious as the team-up product of Master & Dynamic and Neurable’s Neuro headphones. The new brainwave measuring headphones can reportedly track your brain activity throughout the day and identify moments of high focus and stress which can be analysed in the companion app. The headphones will then suggest optimal breaks as well as dynamically manage ANC and ‘Do not disturb’ mode on the user’s smartphone.

At first glance, this may seem like a gimmick made to inflate the price of some basic fully enclosed headphones. However, the AI integration seems to carry some weight as it can keep the wearer in work-mode for longer due to its independent management abilities. One question that this does raise for DATAportl is the comfort of the headphones as for me personally, any longer than 45 minutes to an hour of wearing headphones can cause ear and headaches.

As long as wearing these headphones for long periods with minimal discomfort is possible SAR can see these headphones becoming quite popular in the working world.

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