The World’s First 137 inch Unfolding TV at CES 2024

Image Source: C SEED

For those who are lucky enough to accommodate a 137 inch folding television in their home, then this offering—said to be a world first—was announced by CSEED at CES 2024. 

CSEED has a back catalogue of impressive looking folding televisions. Along with the press release published during the conference in Las Vegas comes a demonstration video that helps to visualize how the television can fold neatly into the floor and takes around 25 seconds to deploy. Boasting 4k, standing an impressive 7.8ft tall, with integrated speakers, the CSEED would stand proud in any environment and be a very good talking point. 

The moment I read the press release and played the video, the first thought that came to mind was around the joins which appear to seamlessly fold together. I was unsure if there would be any visual join, however, the press release states the use of “Adaptive Gap Calibration”. On further look into another source (a more detailed brochure), I understand the idea is to render borders completely invisible. One further source says, “It automatically measures the distance between the edges, uses sensors to detect offsets and calibrates the brightness of adjacent LEDs. I couldn’t detect any seams in the image”, according to CNET.

There doesn’t appear to be a deeper technological explanation of how this technology works. To summarize on the information we have so far, those seams will probably still be there, however, the TV uses sensors to detect any discrepancies between screens and adjusts adjacent LEDs to such an extent which is invisible to the human eye. Note, this may be inaccurate, so I will reach out to CSEED to help resolve any misunderstanding of how this technology operates. 

This is definitely one to see in person to make up your own mind. It looks very impressive though, and I can imagine watching a movie would be epic. Since COVID-19, DATAportl has seen gains in the low-mid range smart TV market.  To dampen this optimism, at the price of $300,000, the new CSEED folding television is unlikely to cause any major inflection, and this price dwarfs DATAportl’s recorded ASP for smart TVs of around $720 (2024).

The pandemic also caused a semiconductor chip shortage, which slowed production. According to a recent survey by SAR Insight, these shortages will stabilize significantly in the latter part of 2024.

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