Energous Partner with Identiv to Enable Real-Time Asset Tracking for Logistics and Supply Chain Applications

Energous Corporation (Energous), a pioneer and industry leader in RF-based wireless power transfer specializing in long-range technology for diverse applications such as IoT sensors and electronic devices, has partnered with Identiv. Identiv is a global leader in digital security and IoT identification, offering solutions for RFID, NFC, and physical access. Together, they aim to introduce real-time asset tracking in supply chain and logistics. The collaboration involves powering Identiv’s ID-Pixels tags with Energous’ PowerBridge technology, delivering consistent and reliable sensor measurements throughout the supply chain, including cold chain logistics. The joint solution aims to replace disposable batteries and charging cables for IoT sensors, offering greater efficiency, lower costs, and shorter setup times.

The partnership focuses on addressing challenges in cold chain logistics, a technology and process that facilitates the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive items via thermal and refrigerated packing methods. Energous’ RF-based wireless charging technology, combined with Identiv’s RF tags measuring temperature and humidity, provides a wirelessly charged IoT sensor solution. This enables logistics companies to track and report temperature in real-time, particularly in refrigerated cargo ships, enhancing performance in challenging environments. The solution offers advantages such as reduced downtime, lower total costs, increased return on investment, and continuous, real-time temperature monitoring in refrigerated trailers. The goal is to bring greater accuracy and reliability to cold chain applications, saving both time and money for logistics companies.

This is exactly the kind of use case that allows the benefits of an RF-based wireless power transfer solution to be fully utilized, increasing the efficiency of a system while decreasing the production and maintenance costs. It is likely that this kind of industry IoT system is where RF-based wireless power transfer systems will find initial adoption rather than consumer applications. Given the expected growth of the IoT industry over the coming years this is no bad thing, if more over the air power solutions can become a staple part of IoT systems, the technology will see rapid adoption in both the industrial and retail sectors.

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