MSI to Compete with Valve’s Steam Deck

Image Source: MSI

In 2022, we saw the release of Valve’s Steam Deck. In 2023, Asus and Lenovo released the ROG Ally and Legion Go. Now, in 2024, recent leaks show an upcoming handheld gaming device from MSI, the “Claw”.

Its overall design is very similar to the Asus ROG Ally as it appears to have a smooth plastic finish with a hint of RGB lighting illuminating from under the thumb sticks. It does not appear to have detachable controllers, like that of the Nintendo Switch, and no docking station has been confirmed as of yet.

As far as specifications go, a leaked benchmark from Geekbench suggests the Claw is powered by the “Ultra 7 155H” chip from Intel. This is one of Intel’s Meteor Lake processors, a 16-core, mobile-based CPU that was released by Intel in late 2023. Given that the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Legion Go all use AMD’s Ryzen processors, it’s interesting to see MSI opt for Intel, especially since they don’t have to best track record when it comes to GPU drivers. Furthermore, the Claw is also rumoured to have 32GB of RAM, which, if true, will be double that of its competition, an impressive number for a handheld console.

Unfortunately, at DATAportl we still don’t know anything more about the display or any other specifications of the Claw. That being said, with CES just around the corner, I’m sure MSI will be releasing more information soon.

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