LG’s 2024 Soundbars Have a Unique Up-Firing Audio Trick to Fool Your Ears

Image Source: LG

There is a relatively strong saturation of soundbar devices on the market, so it can be difficult for new product releases to break through. At DATAportl, we believe there is still room for growth in the soundbar market, despite signs of sector maturity. 

LG’s 2024 line-up does a good job at creating a benchmark for future soundbar product releases. Its latest products include technologies such as head-tracking, “AI Room Calibration” and all of the usual streaming capabilities one would expect from a modern soundbar. What really piqued my interest here was the addition of upward-firing speaker drivers, but more specifically the “industry’s first” centre upward-firing driver. 

In soundbars, the concept of upward-firing drivers is not new. These are usually used to help create a sense of space by dispersing sound up, instead of straight ahead. Looking at LG’s 2024 line-up, the significance here is the compact form factor of the soundbar and the ability to install it flush to the wall. On consideration of this, one can assume work has been done to develop these upward firing drivers in such a way to fit them into a very compact space. The design of this soundbar should be appealing to many due to these space saving capabilities and stylish look.

To summarise, in addition to good sound which can be the primary driving force behind the purchase of a new soundbar or speaker system, the inclusion of further technologies and unique form factors can lead to the makings of a market disruptor.  

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