New Florida-built electric speedboat offers high power and solar charging

Image Source: electrek

Blue Innovations Group (BIG), an electric boat startup founded by a former Tesla executive, has unveiled its inaugural electric boat, the R30, blending features of an electric powerboat and a day cruiser. With a spacious 30-foot design capable of accommodating 12 passengers, the R30 prioritizes safety, performance, style, and environmental friendliness, according to CEO John Vo. The boat, manufactured in Florida, is powered by a substantial 221 kWh battery pack driving two 300 kW (400 hp) motors, delivering a combined 600 kW (800 hp) output.

Featuring an open terrace stern and a semi-walkaround bow, the R30 incorporates innovative elements such as a foldout solar canopy providing up to 2.7 kW of charging power, enhancing both charging capabilities and shade. Below deck, the cabin includes amenities like a marine bathroom, kitchenette, and air conditioning. Weighing 10,000 lb. and targeting a top speed of 39 knots with an eight-hour runtime, the R30 is available for reservation at an estimated price of $300,000, comparable to other flagship electric boats, deliveries are expected to start in Q3 2024. BIG aims to become one of the first U.S. electric boat builders in the 25-30-foot segment, distinguishing itself from European counterparts in this emerging market.

The electric boat market is still emerging, and the majority of the available craft are in the luxury end of the market. This being the case, the charging infrastructure is still very much in its infancy, and while a 2.7kW solar canopy would not be enough to power an electric car, the majority of watercraft will spend most of their time moored and a trickle charging of 2.7kW will be more than enough to keep a boat charged for day trips and pleasure voyages.

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