Samsung Partners With SoundHound and White Castle to Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus With Next-Gen Display Technology

Image Source: Samsung News Room

In order to increase sales and give customers “personalized, easy-to-navigate experiences”, SoundHound has partnered with Samsung to offer voice AI drive-thru boards.

As a result of removing the human element of food ordering, the press release boasts “orders processed in just under 60 seconds, and 90 percent order completion rates that exceed previous staff-based benchmarks”. It works by combining SoundHound’s voice AI and Samsung’s display technology. SoundHound promises to identify other use cases and partner with Samsung on other opportunities.

The restaurant chain in question is White Castle, in the US. If the completion rate stats are correct, profit will surely see an uptick, but spare a thought for those the technology could be replacing. I would be interested in understanding how the system deals with certain requests, such as extra pickles or no mayo, etc.

Subsequently, Olo—who according to their website, enables 600+ restaurant brands to scale online ordering and delivery—partnered with SoundHound to extend AI voice further to over 70,000 utilizing Olo. We would expect to see the rollout continue on a similar trajectory. You can see this news here.

The original article is here.

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