Sennheiser’s latest headphones

Image Source: Sennheiser

Sennheiser has recently released what can be essentially viewed as a budget option for their MOMENTUM series. The new ACCENTUM wireless headphones are retailing for $150 less than the MOMENTUMs at $159.99 and are offering nearly identical features such hybrid ANC (just not adaptive like the MOMENTUM series), and fast charging.

SAR Currently estimates that Sennheiser make up just over 0.4% of the over ear headphone market, however, with the release of these seemingly high quality and low cost headphones, this value could rise significantly over the next year or two.

While the outlook for the fully enclosed headset market was looking a little bleak in the shadow of the adoption of TWS earbuds, it seems the hype has died down and there is a new resurgence in the interest of the fully-enclosed form factor. As of recent estimates, SAR believes that fully enclosed headphones will reach over 9 million annual shipments by 2028.

You can see the product listing here.

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