Aspinity Raises $5 Million Series B Funding

Image Source: Aspinity

Aspinity, the “analog machine learning chip” vendor, announced series B funding of $5 million, with a new strategic partner Korean automotive distributor – Unitrontech.

Aspinity’s  RAMP™ (Reconfigurable Analog Module Processor) technology is a unique solution that enables ultra low power always on sensing and can be used in a wide range of applications. Aspinity highlights use cases such as automotive dashcams that can automatically turn on when an event happens, glass break detection in the home, and industrial machine monitoring for preventative maintenance.

This announcement is interesting for several reasons, not least that it highlights that investments in semiconductor hardware companies are still relevant. It also shows that new technologies are needed to continue the drive to ultra low power solutions and automotive is a prime market for this as the transition towards EVs continues, with a need for increased power efficiency whilst also adding more advanced electronic “under-the-hood” systems. Extending EV range in order to reduce EV owner “range anxiety” and therefore increase consumer confidence is still critical in the success of the transition from ICE vehicles. All solutions targeted at increasing system efficiency, lowering overall vehicle weight and reducing unneeded auxiliary/standby battery drain in EVs can help to support this.

The original article is here.

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