Solar power to improve speaker performance

Image Source: audioXpress

​Urbanista has continued its venture into sustainable consumer devices by releasing a new light-powered speaker made from recycled materials. The speaker, which retails for $149, is fully waterproof and offers a USB-C charging port if the solar charge is not fast enough.

While at SAR we don’t expect solar to be the primary source of charging power as most consumers will most likely resort to the USB port, it does significantly increase playtime. The speaker reportedly has a battery life of 30 hours; however, this could potentially be increased to 45 on a sunny day as the speaker generates power as it plays.

There have been several attempts to integrate solar power into consumer audio devices but with limited success so far, this is definitely an interesting way to increase performance on a portable speaker and may help set Urbanista aside from the competition.

The original source is here.

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