Garmin signs purchase agreement to acquire JL Audio, a highly regarded audio solutions manufacturer

‚ÄčAnnounced just this week is that Garmin is one step closer to acquiring JL Audio. This partnership will be significant due to the potential gains for Garmin in audio engineering expertise.

Most notably we are aware of Garmin for its contribution to GPS technologies across a range of markets, including automotive, marine, and fitness/outdoors. JL Audio is known for premium audio solutions in end markets that crossover its acquirer’s coverage areas. If we take automotive for example, there is a good potential for Garmin to now compete for greater infotainment real estate in the cabin by now including audio.

Garmin and JL Audio also serve the marine market. The acquisition will mean Garmin can access a wider part of this market to help grow the application of its GPS technology and at the same time, become associated with enabling premium audio.

This is going to be a very interesting acquisition to follow. SAR discusses important market developments in automotive in its new Automotive Audio & UI Service.

The original article is here.

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