VW Develop Wireless EV Charging

Image Source: Volkswagen Newsroom

Volkswagen has confirmed that it is working on wireless charging for electric cars. An early prototype was capable of charging at 6.6 kw, similar to the standard type 2 wired charger, but in trials with a silicon carbide inverter, VW has reached charging powers as high as 120 kw with a future goal of a 300 kw system. VW are developing this system with Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) and the University of Tennessee (UT).

It’s no great surprise that VW is developing its own wireless charging technology, as several other major manufacturers are already making progress toward a wirelessly charging EV. Tesla are in the process of acquiring Wiferion, a German wireless EV charging company, and the Genesis GV60 is already available with wireless charging in some markets courtesy of technology licensed from WiTricity. Volvo and InductEV are still conducting an ongoing trial of wireless charging EVs being used as taxis in Sweden. The market for wireless EV charging is certainly heating up and the technology is ready to deploy with faster charging on its way. The real game changer will be the first system to see mass deployment, as any systems used in public infrastructure will eventually need to be interoperable with other vehicles. Vehicle OEMs are most likely to adopt solutions that can be easily implemented and are compatible with the rest of the ecosystem, similar to how Tesla is opening up its wired charging to both Ford and GM. SAR Insight covers the wireless power market across many applications including inductive charging of electric vehicles in its Wireless Power and Charging Technologies service.

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