New UK Government legislation targets 99% reliability for rapid EV chargers

Image Source: Pexels

​New regulations have been introduced by the UK Government which place stringent requirements on public rapid EV charge points, demanding 99% reliability. They must also offer real-time status updates and display the cost of using a unit of energy (pence per kilowatt hour, kWh). Charging providers who fail to comply with the new regulations could be fined up to £10,000 for each unit. In addition, all public EV charge points capable of delivering over 8kW must offer contactless payment.

The UK’s largest public rapid charge point operators include InstaVolt, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), BP Pulse, Osprey, Shell Recharge, Tesla and GRIDSERVE. These will be responsible for ensuring the reliability of the charge points and it will be crucial for them to forge partnerships with EV charging station manufacturers whose products can meet the specification.

It’s likely other countries will follow suit with similar requirements for the reliability and uptime of public EV charging points. This will drive opportunities for higher reliability semiconductors & components along with connectivity and communication technology for provisioning and monitoring of charge points on each network. SAR Insight & Consulting sizes and forecasts the market for public EV charge points in more than 50 countries globally by power rating in its EV Charging market intelligence service.

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