IONITY extends supplier base to accelerate network expansion

IONITY, one of Europe’s largest EV fast-charging network operators, has announced it will collaborate with Alpitronic, a leading supplier of high-power EV charging stations. The first Alpitronic chargers are planned to be installed at IONITY HPC-stations by the end of 2023.

Alpitronic joins Tritium and ABB as suppliers to IONITY’s network which has a target of reaching 1,000 EV charging locations, containing 7,000 high-power charging points by 2025. Its “Hypercharger” range contains EV chargers capable of delivering 150W, 300W and 400W depending on the model.

SAR believes high-power EV charging points are critical to the overall EV charging ecosystem, in conjunction with home EV charging points and strategically placed lower-power public charging points. Ultra-high power stations (150W+) enable simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles at full capacity, which for many EVs means replenishing 80% of the battery in around 30mins.

SAR’s EV Charging Service analyses the global EV Charging rollout for more than 50 individual countries by power rating and deployment type. SAR predicts that more than 120,000 EV charging points with power ratings greater than 150W will be deployed in Europe by 2031.

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