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Futuri, a US company based in Cleveland, Ohio, has developed an AI-driven radio technology called RadioGPT that can broadcast voice, music, local news stories, and even create social media posts. The company claims that all content created by RadioGPT can be localized to the area where it is broadcasted. RadioGPT can use AI-generated voices to host shows, create scripts, and even replicate existing hosts’ voices. It can also publish shows as podcasts, create website blogs, social media posts, and short-form video content. RadioGPT uses the same GPT-3 technology as ChatGPT, an AI phenomenon that has caused a stir in tech, digital marketing, media, and education industries.

RadioGPT’s ability to create social media posts, podcasts, blogs, and short-form video content could potentially streamline content creation for a wide range of businesses and organizations, including marketing agencies, social media influencers, and content creators. However, the widespread adoption of such technologies may raise concerns about the impact of AI on job security in these industries. In addition to this, when integrated into headphones or home speakers, ChatGPT could revolutionise home and consumer entertainment.

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