ST Microelectronics earns USB-IF certification for complete USB PD EPR solution; efficiently delivers up to 140W from a single adapter

Image Source: STMicroelectronics

​STMicroelectronics has achieved USB IF certification on two ICs for use in adapter (source) and device (sink) sides of a USB Power Delivery (USB PD) extended power range (EPR) power supply/charger. The 140W (28V, 5A) reference design is the first to be certified with EPR to USB PD 3.1.

Whilst this innovation from STMicroelectronics is the first reference design certified by the USB IF, the first 140W USB-C power adapter product to implement PD 3.1 with support for EPR arrived on the market in early 2022, Apple’s 140W MacBook power adapter. Since then, few applications with PD adapters with greater power ratings than 100W have been launched.

The arrival of reference designs which allow for shorter design times and product time to market will be welcomed by end device OEMs and adapter manufacturers looking to develop product.

SAR identifies market opportunities for power adapters capable of delivering greater than 100W via USB PD with EPR in its USB Power & Charging Service. Applications include automotive in-cabin, battery power & gardening tools and eBikes.

The original article is here.

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