Gridserve installed 32 new high power EV chargers in January

Image Source: electrive

Last month UK based Gridserve installed 32 350KW chargers across 4 new UK EV charging hubs. Its deployments now total 173 chargers split between 16 of its “super hubs” and 2 electric forecourts. In 2022 it installed more than 100 high power chargers.

Whilst this only makes up just a fraction of the total number of chargers predicted to be deployed in the UK this year (SAR projects more than 20,000 EV chargers will be deployed in the UK in 2023). The development is significant for a couple of reasons. First, the distribution of high-power chargers up to 350KW for public use is critical for the UK to optimise and balance its overall EV charging infrastructure. These chargers typically serve multiple vehicles at >100KW speeds for fast charging. Placed strategically across busy road networks and motorways/highways they are proven to reduce the total volume of public EV chargers required in a region/country. Secondly, the focus on providing dedicated EV charging hubs & forecourts helps to relieve congestion at traditional petrol/gas stations & other parking areas, particularly while EVs are still supplementing ICE vehicles in terms of number of vehicles on the road, rather than replacing them in countries still in earlier adoption phases.

SAR Insight & Consulting’s EV Charging Service provides detailed granular forecasts for public EV charging station deployment by 50 countries globally whilst its eMobility Tracker forecasts the transition from ICE to EV across 10 vehicle types.

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