Zeus the world’s smallest 270w GaN USB-C charger

Image Source: Geeky Gadgets

A new GaN based charger from asap Technologies is said to be the world’s first and smallest 270W USB charger. The Zeus features 3 USB type-C ports and one USB type-A port alongside a small screen showing the real time output power of each port. The Zeus has a maximum output of 270W and a total volume of 189 cm3, giving a power density of just over 1.4W/cm3 (22.9W/in3 this will also vary by region) all powered by 4 GaNFast NV6127 power management ICs from Navitas.  

This is the latest product in the race to make the highest power output USB chargers with the highest power density, all made possible by GaN technology. The Zeus represents an advancement in the product mix which has accelerated the GaN based adapter market over the past 2 years; the third-party power, high-power, high-power density, multiple port charger. From 2023, SAR predicts strong growth in lower power (>20W) single port chargers that still make use of the high-power density made capable by GaN components, allowing for a very small form-factor charger. SAR Insight & Consulting explore and forecast the GaN power adapter & component market as part of its wider USB Power & Charging service. 

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