WiTricity licenses wireless charging tech to Wiferion

Image Source: The Robot Report

Wiferion have licensed wireless charging technology from WiTricity. Wiferion is a provider of mobile power supplies for a range of industrial applications that are specifically designed for use with wireless power solutions. Wiferion’s solutions are used in fleet vehicles such as trucks and forklifts as well as robots. 

WiTricity are one of the foremost providers of wireless charging for high-power applications and EV’s and has licensed its technology to over thirty companies. As with established wireless charging applications such as smartphones, an important step in the adoption of wireless charging for electric vehicles will be interoperability and standardization. This is especially important for EV’s due to the long lifecycles of vehicles and the work that can be involved in installation, especially for public infrastructure where multiple makes and models of vehicle will make use of a charging point. SAR Insight & Consulting forecasts the wireless charging market for EV’s and robots in its Wireless Power and Charging Technologies service. 

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