USound MEMS speakers enable new audio in-vehicle experiences

Image Source: Business Wire

As discussed in SAR’s study on MEMS speakers, automotive is one of the largest markets for speakers, with almost ½ billion speakers used per year. SAR is expecting MEMS speakers to start being used in automotive applications from 2023, in small volumes as OEMs trial their usage.  

MEMS speakers could enable OEM designers to try new ways to deliver sound to passengers, through small arrays positioned in key areas in the cabin. This could be one of many new technologies that revolutionise audio delivery in the car, especially in the move towards autonomous driving, which enables radically different cabin layouts to be introduced.  

As uSound’s Ganymede series is already automotive qualified, this puts them in the driving seat to help OEMs try out new MEMS speaker solutions (sorry, bad pun).   

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