Navitas announces world’s first 20-year warranty for GaN ICs

Image Source: Navitas

The increased use of GaN components over silicon counterparts in many applications typically centres around producing a more efficient design, reducing losses and therefore heat, and enabling a more compact solution. The additional benefit of greater reliability is, however, apparent from Navitas’s latest move to introduce a 20-year warranty on its GaN components. Whilst it’s unlikely that currently any manufacturers of a consumer end-device with a GaN component inside are going to match anywhere near this level of warranty (due to many other factors contributing to the overall longevity of a product), it does provide encouragement that some of the products we consume with a regular replacement rate could soon last longer and therefore contribute less to waste. A good example is power adapters and chargers, of which as consumers, we often own multiple variations for multiple devices. Multi use adapters & chargers is a leading application of GaN components and an opportunity which is quantified in SARs upcoming GaN Based Power Adapter report, part of its annual USB Power & Charging Service. 

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