GaN Systems powers Samsung Galaxy S22+ and ultra fast charger with leading discrete GaN

Image Source: GaN Systems

The 45W fast charger for Samsung’s new Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra smartphones makes use of gallium nitride (GaN) based semiconductors from GaN Systems. Using GaN has many benefits over silicon-based semiconductors, including increased power density and more efficient cooling, but this is the first time Samsung have made use of it in an adapter. 

Major manufacturers adopting GaN components is an indicator that GaN will soon be entering the mainstream market. However, a more interesting point to note is Samsung’s choice of a discrete component rather than a more integrated solution such as a GaN FET with integrated driver. The differences between the types of GaN components will be explored in SAR Insight & Consulting’s upcoming GaN Power Adapters Report, being released as part of the wider USB Power & Charging service. 

The original article is here.

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