Rumours develop over Apple’s VR and AR headsets

Image Source: Forbes

Rumours have been flying around about the release of Apples’ VR, and AR headsets. Rumours suggest that the new VR headsets will feature Micro OLED displays which may even be capable of an 8K resolution. The new headsets are set to be announced during Apple’s annual event in 2022.  

Current market leaders in include Meta with the Oculus, HTC, and Sony. However, in true Apple fashion, we believe that they will be instantly catapulted to a competitive position within the first two years of these devices being released. 

With regards to the AR glasses rumours, SAR currently estimates that the AR market is set to take off around 2024 after the form factor issues have been solved. However, if Apple have managed to improve the form factor, this could come a lot sooner. Our current expectation is that their VR headsets may well be released later this year, however, we are not holding our breath for Apple’s entry into the AR market. 

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