Beyerdynamic build enterprise and consumer crossover speakerphone

Image Source: audioXpress

On the 3rd of march Beyerdynamic announced its new SPACE speakerphone. The device is optimised for both call quality and streaming ability, suggesting that the company believes that home offices are here to stay. Small speakerphones such as this one has however had issues in the past with voice clarity due to a dynamic voice target system, Beyerdynamic seem to be addressing this with dynamic volume control, a simple idea that may well inspire competitors to do the same. 

SAR currently estimates that smart speakers will reach over 250 million units shipped by 2027. Alongside this, USB speakerphones will reach well over 15 million. This market is heavily driven by the move to home offices. SAR suspects that this will be the first in a long line of cross market speakers, or at the very least, active room speakers with high quality voice communication. 

The original article is here.

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